When interventions at local (primary or secondary school) and regional (ESEB) levels need to be completed, the National Inclusion Commission receives requests for specialized interventions or specialized school attendance. The request may be filed by an inclusion committee if there is a file and provided that the parents have given their written consent. The process then entails three levels:

1) The CI/CIS decides to forward the file to the CNI.

2) On a case-to-case basis, the CNI takes charge of assigning the files to the competence Centers deemed appropriate. Thus, all requests for the CDSE must go through the CNI.

3) After receiving the file by the CNI, the CDSE begins a specialized diagnostic. The CDSE is then shares its evaluation, advice and recommendations with the CNI, who will decide on the next steps.

If support is provided in a specialized intervention, an individualised educational plan is developed in collaboration with the staff of the school or high school that the student attends.