Counseling and guidance

Individual counseling and guidance for parents/legal representatives

If you would like to benefit from personalised support for example during an individual consultation on educational matters, parents/legal representatives can contact the CDSE directly.

Here are some examples of socio-emotional difficulties that can be observed by parents/legal representatives or teachers/educators.

A child or young person who:

  • has difficulty orienting him/herself in a group setting
  • feels overwhelmed in a group setting

  • fears contact with the group
  • is intrusive
  • has trouble waiting his/her turn

  • doesn't respect rules and limits
  • is plaintive or anxious
  • exhibits excessive aggressive behaviour
  • is irritable
  • cannot express his/her own feelings

  • seems to not to be listening

  • lack of self-confidence
  • discourages quickly/does not feel up to a given task

Training for parents/legal representatives

Parents/legal representatives are constantly faced with the many challenges entailed in raising their child. Differences in parenting styles and an incessant flood of often contradictory and confusing information can turn this into a needlessly complex task.

The STEP program (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) offered by the CDSE provides a practical and immediately applicable approach.

The aim of the training is to support parents/legal representatives in raising happy, self-confident children who are able to resolve conflicts and take responsibility. Parents/legal representatives acquire the ability to adopt a loving, respectful and consistent attitude towards the child in a stable family environment and a relaxed family climate.

The interactive framework (group of max. 14 participants) enables parents/legal representatives to encourage each other and share their concerns and needs. Next session is planned from february 2023 on.

Counselling and guidance for professionals

With parental consent and an agreement from the CNI, teachers, staff from SePAS, ESEB, SEA as well as professionals from the network can contact the CDSE for advice and guidance in a particular situation of a student with special social or emotional needs. For professional advice in the form of intervention strategies and knowledge transfer see coaching.

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