Teachers, SePAS, ESEB, CI/CIS, SEA staff and other professionals may contact the CDSE directly for information on issues concerning:

  • working with students displaying socio-emotional developmental needs;
  • classroom or group management;
  • advice in the context of the PDS (plan de développement scolaire);
  • prevention programs (for example mindfulness, cycle 1).

The CDSE provides coaching in primary and secondary schools. Contents and planning is adapted to the specific needs of participants. An application may be submitted by a class teacher, a school support team or a school via email at:

Promotion of social and emotional skills in cycle 1 - Mindfulness

We work with a mindfulness-based pre-school curriculum from the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin, USA. This curriculum was developed for a research project investigating the impact of mindful practices on the wellbeing of preschool children.

The CDSE staff accompanies the implementation of sequences (developed together with the teacher) focussing on sensory experiences, feelings and thoughts, i.e. the experience of the 'here and now'.

This program provides concrete tools for children to consider their individual needs and to develop a respectful attitude towards themselves and others, a sense of belonging to the group, empathy and positive emotions.

In addition, Mindfulness promotes the child's ability to concentrate, control impulses, relax and lower stress levels.

The program has been scientifically tested and validated.

STOP Mobbing

A program gainst mobbing and violence in schools.