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National Inclusion Commission (CNI)

The National Inclusion Commission (CNI) is composed of representatives from the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Family Affaires, Integration and the Greater Region. It also includes representatives of the National Office for Children, the various Competence Centers, the Parents' Committee, the head of the relevant Centre and the staff of their diagnostic unit as well as a psychologist, a social worker, a doctor specializing in child psychiatry or pediatrics.

The CNI receives every request to put in place a specialized outpatient intervention or special school settings. These requests may be filed by:

  • an inclusion commission from a region for primary school (CI); from a high school for secondary education (CIS);
  • an approved social, family and therapeutic institution;
  • the student's attending physician, on condition that the parents / legal guardians have given their written approval;

  • parents / legal guardians and adult students, who have the right to apply directly to the CNI.

The CNI decides on the follow-up of the request and decides whether a Competence Centre should be appointed to carry out a specialized diagnostic.

After the specialized diagnostic has been completed, the CNI verifies the conformity of the file, determines the follow-up of the application and proposes, the measures to be put into place in the case where they are deemed necessary. These measures may not be implemented without the agreement of the parents / legal guardians or the adult student. For more information please contact directly the national inclusion commission.